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The best you ate on vacation? Make it at home tonight.

Stock turns into Tuscan white bean soup so easily

Ain’t no stock as dope as me, I’m just so fresh, so clean

Some things are so commonplace, you don’t even notice them anymore. The Amen break in “Straight Outta Compton”. Floating rocks in Dragon Ball Z. Those tiny red spider things on rocks. Douchebags at Gold’s Gym. Jennifer Jason Leigh. They never stand out, but they’re always there, incognito but keeping everything right with the world. Oh no! He’s going Super Saiyan! Food has these stealth ingredients too. You rarely notice it, but all great cooks use a lot of lemon juice. Fish sauce can round out the flavours in almost every dish. And butter? Well, few things aren’t better with butter. (Try to name them. Let me know if you find one.) The most fundamental secret ingredient, though? It’s not butter. It’s not lemon. Hell, it may cost no money at all. It adds mountain ranges of flavour for pebbles’ worth of calories. It’s the main thing that separates a so-so […]

Scrambled eggs (well, forthcoming scrambled eggs)

Scrambled eggs: Look closer…

Wowzers trousers, last week sure did get away from me. That’s OK, though. After weeks of nonsense about exotic coleslaws and an Infinite Jest-length ratatouille recipe, we all deserve a break. Mr. Wallace concurs. Let’s keep it rolling. School’s back in session, so we’re getting back to basics. No demands for innovative salads. No polemics on the virtues of eating rabbit. Nope, just pull up a chair and listen to a few quick words on that easiest of easy breakfasts: scrambled eggs. “Dude, SRSLY. We’re not babies. Scrambled eggs? Why not ‘How to Use a Spoon’?” Here’s the deal. Everyone thinks they can make awesome scramble. Your dad. Your college girlfriend. The brunch chefs at the Fairmont. The diner by your house. They’re all dead wrong. Each one follows a similar process. 1. Throw some eggs in a pan. 2. Splash in some milk. 3. Mush the whole thing about […]

Pesto chicken and summer vegetable salad

The Rest of Summer #5: Pesto SMASH!

Let me ask you: What’s green and smashy? Dr. Banner’s a given, but what’s green and smashy and delicious? If you said “pesto”, give yourself an awkward thumbs up. (Sorry, mushy peas. Your time will come.) Not today, li’l one. You’re likely all familiar with pestos, that class of sauces the tomato-haters have loved since the ‘80s (or the 1800s if you’re Italian). Unlike the rich and hearty ragùs that cover pasta and polenta the world over, pestos are bright and punchy dressings used to liven up noodles and vegetables that otherwise live in Bland City. Fusilli and potatoes are classic, but there’s rarely a wrong pairing for pesto in the savoury kitchen. “Yeah, dude, I know. I can also buy a jar of pesto at Safeway for $2.99. Why the hell would I make it?” Truth: You’re right. Ready-made pesto comes cheap. So do supermarket roast chickens. And lookie here, […]