Vagabond Cookbook

The best you ate on vacation? Make it at home tonight.

How to navigate your holiday snack attacks with zesty fervour

Hey kids, Holy hand grenades! When did it turn into King Lear outside? Sure, it’s been fine for the past couple of days. But unless you recently moved your entire apartment during a rainstorm, you can drink down a glass of Shut-up Juice. November weather is G to the R-O-S-S. Call me a kitten, but I hate stormy weather. Well, I hate being outside in stormy weather. Inside, it’s a whole different story. From a toasty living room, a late autumn storm becomes the perfect excuse to do what I really want to do all the time – sit in a bay window sipping a latte and petting a cat. With all these window sessions and TV binges that come in with the cold, all that’s missing is a snack. I’m not ordinarily the biggest snacker, but over these past few weeks I’ve taken to munching like John McClane to […]

I said "muamba", not "mamba".

Wrath of the black muamba

Chaos reigns, my friends. Things are deep in disorder right now. The last shred of peace and harmony at Casa Devon went right out the window when I packed up my chef’s knife. Old newsprint, bubble wrap, and dingy cardboard boxes — they’ve been a way of life these past few weeks. That’s just the deal with an international move on the horizon. Shit gets cray-cray. Cooking evaporates. If you’ve never ghosted out of town before, allow me to drop some knowledge — you don’t cook while moving. You eat garbage. You can try to run damage control, munching handfuls of raw spinach out of the bag, chugging cans of coconut water like your asshole yoga instructor. But, you don’t. At least I don’t. During the Time of Balance, I tend to cook with an eye toward nutrition and seasonality. Right now, I’m one step away from eating mayonnaise straight […]