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Devon’s Top 10 Raddest Shaz of 2015

Can you feel that magic in the air? We’re now deep into that special season when everyone – no matter their race, colour, creed – can join together, share a cup of cheer, and freak the fuck out about holiday gifts. Admit it. December’s more B-A-N-A-N-A-S than Gwen Stefani. From office potlucks to seizure-inducing decorations to new “traditions” involving the stuff of nightmares, it’s easy for year’s end to take its toll. We’re so busy baking three gross of shortbread or scrambling to grab gifts for people we hate, sometimes we forget the real point of this season – best-of lists. For a pop culture and trivia dork such as myself, the waning weeks before New Year’s are a treasure trove of listicles covering the best of the best. The Top 50 Albums of 2015. The 10 Most Likely Contenders for Oscar Gold. The 15 Most Read Articles. Throw a […]

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Let’s consider some facts about birds

Can we talk? Let’s cut the crap here a minute and say what we’ve all got on our minds – turkey’s a bitch. Everyone’s favourite holiday bird is one whopping pain in the ass. Typically, you buy a frozen turkey and, after days of defrosting, it’s still an iceberg at its centre. Tear open the Butterball wrapping to unleash a septic stream of salmonella water into your vegetable crisper. Stuff it, truss it, roast on high, then low (or is that low, then high) to eventually pull out your dinner several hours later – dry like the Sahara in some parts and a glistening raw pink in others. Yummers! Happy Thanksgiving! “But, it’s tradition! You can’t have the holidays without a whole roast turkey!” Listen, I’m from Newfoundland. My family cooked a gobbler almost every Sunday. I’m well acquainted with the unparalleled warmth of seeing a giant roast bird resting […]