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David Chang hates your stupid burger toppings

What’s Yr Take on Burgervetes?

I’m fixing to have something good for you a little later this week, but this Burger Manifesto bears sharing tout de suite. The whole idea of half-steamed veg on top of your burger is the dumbest fucking thing I could ever think of. And I will say this: if you enjoy it, you’re an idiot. – David Chang And I’ve got freedom rockets, not freedom fries. Chang is a hustler, baby (chef, publisher, entrepreneur, professional jackass) and my love of him is no secret. No surprise, I largely agree with him on that most American of sandwiches. (Still, even he gets a few things wrong. No mustard? Please.) I’ve always thought there were two kinds of burgers, just like there are two kinds of bathrobes, Britpop fans, and condom buyers: One patty, about an inch thick. Cheddar cheese (or blue). Romaine or Boston lettuce. Fresh tomato slices. Raw onion slices. […]