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Sautéed shrimp, broccoli couscous, vadouvan aioli, shaved cauliflower

Vadouvan aioli and why comedian Eddie Griffin is a secret genius

Let me be the first to say it (or at least the first this century). Eddie Griffin is completely right. Say wha’?! Now, maybe Ed wasn’t the funniest comic of his generation. Or the smartest. Or the most original. But, if nothing else, he made one vital point crystal clear to all of us – mayonnaise is a little sick. That’s right, mayonnaise! The creamy condiment of depressing office sandwich platters the world over. From Eurotrash french fries to your favourite burger joint’s “secret” sauce, it’s hard to escape the omnipresence of mayo. Way back in 2002, I probably would’ve agreed with the Undercover Brother. At the time, I was new to the world of emulsified salad dressings. Growing up, I hated mayonnaise. When Ma threw a sandwich my way, I demanded only the finest of spreads – Parkay Margarine. Really, I was one step away from loading up my […]

Tropical coleslaw

The Rest of Summer #2: The Coleslaw Variations

Did coleslaw sick you out too? Growing up, I always thought the stuff brought Janet Jackson levels of nasty. Maybe it was me, but I suspect my revulsion lay in the tragic mess of “salad” dealt from the KFC drive-thru. Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition. Sweet Jesus! It looks like someone ran a tennis ball through a wood chipper! And that’s the promo shot! Gak, Silly Putty, mutagen, ectoplasm — my childhood was full of wonderful green slime, but coleslaw had nothing to do with it. This green slime I can get behind. I thought all sorts of slaw disgusting until I first encountered the smoky siren’s song of pulled pork. There’s a reason coleslaw tops a pulled pork sandwich: the crunchy, tangy cabbage balances out the sweet and succulent meat, a near-perfect marriage of flavours like a big porky yin yang. (See also: The Rachel.) Since then, my slaw […]