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Image of shrimp jungle curry cooking

Girl, this curry’s gonna make you sweat (a la la la la long)

Clearly, we’re at the end of days. Maniacs are terrorizing the planet. Disease and destruction abound. The greatest rock stars in history are knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door to sound the seven trumpets (as if Prince couldn’t handle it himself). His Purpleness could do anything. All the media panic over the state of our world misses one big question, though: What’re you gonna eat when the Rapture comes to town? “Whoa! Lighten up, D! No need to go all Jim Bakker on us!” You’re totally right. Still, it’s worth considering how you’ll survive in an emergency. Even in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’re gonna have to make dinner. At least we’ll have forks covered. If you’re like me, you have an old pirate trunk stuffed with storage water and cans of Chunky Chicken à la King. (Or, you’re a normal person who’s never given it a thought.) Either […]


Ugly birds and the problem with Asian cooking

It’s no secret I love Asian food. I started cooking in China. I subscribe to Lucky Peach. I made char siu bao for my Masterchef audition. It’s a thing. But, one thing about Asian food drives me mental. MSG? Nope, MSG is fine (do your research). Excessive deepfrying? It’s a little greasy, sure, but at least it tastes good. Hatred of rice? Hardly (see Cook Somethin’ Issue Two). No, my problem is with Asian chefs’ most outrageous obsession — decorative vegetable carving. Seriously, WTF! Look at that shit! Sure, it’s impressive, but so are sideshow geeks and dance marathons. Chinese restaurants must staff legions of cooks armed with scalpels and toothpicks to craft dragons out of pumpkins. Then, we gawk at ‘em for a second, toss ‘em in the trash, and turn back to the egg foo young. If you want to fix the food waste problem, start here (or […]